Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1990 or 2011?

I'm sure most of you are thinking....stenciling?  It's that a little circa early 90's?  I do recall my mother stenciling vines and flowers around door ways and boarders around rooms, but stenciling has made a come back!  FOR THE GOOD....I promise!  If you are willing to put a little time and effort into the process, then the results are beautimous!

The look of these stencils above are modern and simple, which makes the word "stenciling" a little easier to grasp.  What I  love about stenciling, is if you change your style then it's easy to  paint over.  Yes, this is leading me to my next project.  I'm in the the process of stenciling my dining room.  It will probably be a few days before I start the painting process, but I'll keep you updated on it!  

I would love to hear if you are liking the stencil patterns in the above pictures!  Hope that everyone has a great hump day!  


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