Monday, November 14, 2011

Coasters turned Chevron

Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful!  I seemed to be pretty motivated to get a few projects done around the house, plus a little family time at the Denver Zoo.  The zoo brought on some animal inspiration, to come later this week! But as I promised....Turquoise and Orange......


 I picked up these cheap little "babies" for .97 each at Michaels clearance section!  Gotta love a steal!  I originally thought that I would use them for my wedding in September, but they went unnoticed until now. As I hinted to on Friday I have been very inspired by the turquoise and orange color scheme, but have also been wanting to try a chevron pattern.  I'm still not daring enough to try it on a wall, but these coaster were perfect to try it out!

After searching for my purple electrical tape (my father would be sooo proud) I created a chevron pattern. And painted the unmarked areas with my favorite hue of orange.

TAH-DAH!  Cute chevron coaster for less than a Dollar!!!! I think these coasters would be the perfect holiday hostess gift, paired with the perfect bottle of wine! One last picture.... I think they look awfully cute by my turquoise lamp!

While at the Zoo this past weekend, this cute little fish tugged at my color happy heart strings!  Love when nature is speaking my language!  
Happy Monday!

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