Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Men Full of Courage

Happy Veteran's  Day to two men who fought so hard to protect our everyday freedoms. 

 My Grandfather Kenneth Wiscamb fought in the South Pacific during World War II. During college I would visit my Grandfather once a week, we would talk about his childhood, he inventions, his ideas and his time during the war.  My "Poppidy" is now 92; he represents a soon-to-be lost generation.  He has seen more change in his lifetime than I will ever see!  Thanks Poppidy for being you!  

My Grandfather Killian "Doc" Haberkorn fought in Europe during World War II.  He was a POW, escaped and received the purple heart. I never had the privilege of meeting my Grandfather, he passed away in 1982, but his bravery is unmarked. 

Thanks to all the Veteran's!

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