Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Two S's.....Snow and Santa

Yes, Christmas is actually here and the snow is here too!  This morning the city of Denver woke up to a foot of snow, there's nothing more perfect for Christmas than a fresh blanket of beautiful white snow!

I snapped this wintery picture of our house last night before we got tons of snow!
This past weekend Jarod and I took Hazel to go meet Santa and needless to say it wasn't her most favorite thing to do this year!

Mom and Dad: "Hazel, do you love Santa?"

Hazel: No (shaking her head noooo)

Mom and Dad:  "Is Santa coming to our house?"

Hazel: No, no, no!

Gotta love this little girl, she knows what she likes and doesn't....hahah!

Not Happy to see Santa!

Checking out the guy in the suit....Santa!

This explains everything!
We will try again next year......

I would love to hear about everyones plans for the holiday! XO


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