Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Secretly Hiding

Yesterday was a day of scoring two major treasures that were secretly hiding in our garage.  Gotta love when garage cleaning leads to a future project and unexpected details that will lead to added charm of your house!  Bare with me, these are a little dusty and dingy at the moment but are screaming potential.  

Yes, they are your basic shop-like lights.  With a little paint I think they are going to look so different and  unique.  I love when basic items around the house can be dolled up to use for a different proposes or the same. Either way you should take a look around and see what secret items you may have that can use a little TLC!

I thought that I would share a few photos that have given me the inspiration to make these lights look all-so-fabulous.  The pictures below show very similar shaped lights and I think they exhibit what I want mine to look like.  

Hope ya'll have a fabulous day!  See you tomorrow! XO



  1. awesome cant wait to see how they turn out

    1. I know! Hopefully I'll get around to that project some day soon! Thanks for reading!