Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Tale of the Ugly Bathroom---Getting There

Sorry about not getting to upload some pictures yesterday, but my camera went ca-put  and needed alittle recharge!  It's been an eventful and satisfying two days and much of the bathroom is done with a little exception of the details.  I'm doing a happy dance!  I thought that I would share the progress of painting those awfully blue walls into a beautiful creamish color!

Here we go......

Remember what the bathroom looked like before.  The beautiful blue, 1980 loo....kinda rhymes!

While at Home Depot I ran across a can of Behr Paint that was on clearance, I really liked the color and was willing to take a chance on the color considering it was only $7.00.  Come to find out, I really liked the color on the walls!

I first patched all of the holes in the walls, to insure a smooth surface to paint.

Second, I primed all of the walls.  I thought that this was a necessary process considering how dark the blue was on the walls.

The painting then began!  My favorite part!

Th end result is brighter and airier....Love that!  As you can tell the bathroom vanity had a major overhaul with a can of white paint.

I'm very happy with the progress of the bathroom. Here is the to-do list for the bathroom as of now......

1.  Prime and paint the walls a cream or tan-ish color.
2.  Prime and paint the vanity.
3.  Paint and update existing mirror for the bathroom.  Hang over sink.
4.  Add wood flooring.
5.  Build and hang shelving over toilet area.
6.  Hang draps and wood-like blinds.
7.  Replace faucet.
8.  Add colorful light fixture---in the search of the perfect light for the bathroom.
9.  Add colorful art and accessories to shelving.
10.  Figure out how to cover the furnace and ugly-huge whole in the wall.  (We have a few ideas)

The list is getting shorter, which makes a girl feel happy!  Now, that the bigger things are done, with the exception of the flooring, I can take my time doing the smaller things.  Hope you enjoyed the before and after photos.  I'll keep you updated on the progress.  XO



  1. Hi!

    Stopping over from the 'I love my Online Friends Monday Hop'.

    Good luck with the re-do! :)

  2. have fun!! you ARE getting there!