Friday, April 6, 2012

Open To New Ideas

 Last weekend during Hazels nap time, I conjured up some time to take the doors off our cabinets on the back wall of our kitchen.  After an hour of cleaning the cabinets, rearranging food, dishes and  other pretty stuff the kitchen was look'n oh-so-open!

By no means are they close to being finished, by that I mean the cabinets arrangement.  Bottom-line it's just a push for me to get going on the kitchen.  I have a ton to do in this tiny space.  But the next step would be to fill the holes with wood putty- left by the hardware of the cabinet doors.

I put together a quick mood board (details of color, fixtures and furniture ideas) to show you a few fun details that I'm thinking for the kitchen.

1. Subway tile the entire back splash!
2. One old-looking bar stool-kinda fun for Hazel to climb on and help bake, cook or just watch Mommy!
3.  Golden Glow (accent colors), Moon Rise (Cabinets), Moonshine (this color is currently in our entire house-love the grayish color).
4.  Industrial Pendent lighting.
5. Chalkboard refrigerator anyone?  This picture is my inspiration for my kitchen---love, love, love!

So those are a few fun ideas!  What do you think?  I'm loving the yellow and gary color scheme, which seems to be on my mind with a lot of my ideas/projects lately.  Gotta love another fun big project!  On the other hand, I hope that you and your family have a wonderfully enjoyable Easter weekend.

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!  XO


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