Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shrub It

Since the weather has been so wonderfully warm over the last month it has been in my favor to really get a head start on my yard!  Let me tell you that we have a HUGE yard and a lot of up keep!  Let me introduce myself.....Maggie the yard manager for the Roberts Estate!  It will be my full time job this summer to keep up with all of the weeding, watering and everything else that goes into yard maintenance.  Luckily, the hubby does his part to help out.  Over the weekend I was able to get a little planting done to the front porch area of the yard.  This is what our front porch looked like before....

 As you can see the front brick planters had nothing in them, other than weeds last year.  My idea is to create a little barrier between the yard and the front porch and door.  The front of the house needs come character and dimension, hence the planting of the shrubs.


I pick up these 5 shrubs for a total of $12.00 at the Home Depot, not a bad price!  Gotta love a sale!  Instead of picking out the same shrubs for the entire planter, with the design help of the hubby  he convinced me to do 2 and 3.  Two of the boxwood green velvet shrubs and three of the globe arborvitae shrubs.  We pick shrubs that wouldn't grow too big and cause root problems with the planter later and we needed to pick shrubs that would do well in the sun, since the front porch gets sun for 8 hours a day.  The shrubs were easy to plant and already add a little something to the front of the house!  Now I'm wishing for those magic pills to give them, so they will grow faster!

Hope your Wednesday is fabulous!

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