Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Au Revoir Coffee

Hello Lovelies!  Okay, okay, I have to admit I've been nothing but unproductive in the last few weeks....I have actually been feeling a little"under the weather" and trying to kick my undying love of caffeinated beverages-mostely cafe au lait. Oh how I love coffee and everything that coffee stand for---Starbucks, coffee dates with girlfriends or my hubby, a good cup of Joe after crawling out of bed in the morning or sitting in my favorite cafe in Paris reading a Danelle Steel novel.....backup... I've never been to Paris, but thats what I would imagine I would do if I ever went!

Needless to say kicking a everyday habit hasn't had me in the best of moods, but today I saw the light or came out of my 14 year coffee coma.  The withdrawals are over, no more headaches, no more agitation and no more coffee for me!


Thanks for letting me vent!  XO

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