Monday, May 21, 2012

Cooling Off

Before my life was totally changed by the wonderful invention of central air conditioning for those hot summer days and nights, my hubby and I bought and lived in the cutest 1920's bungalow that was not updated with the luxury of central air.  So, the need for a fan was super important and mandatory to survive those hot Montana summers.  Although fans come in all shapes and sizes, I'm very much in love with the vintage style fans.  The nice thing about this is today you can find vintage inspired fans, just about any where, but if you are lucky enough to come across an actual vintage fan they never lack in character!

I though that I would share a picture of our home in Montana, I have a very special connection and love to this place!  It makes me smile and happy.  

I actually pick up my very own vintage fan several years ago at a garage sale for $3.00, of course I used my ultra barging skills to score $2.00 off the original  $5.00 price tag!  It was very dirty and dingy, but it cleaned up very nicely.  I have seen many of these awesomely-cute fans in many antique stores, but the price tags are always a little scary, after my bargain find, ranging from $30.00-$60.00.  Yes, my fan does work perfectly well, but since the life of fans in our new home is non-exsistant, I use it now for decor!

I couldn't help myself in finding more fan eye-candy on Pinterest.  Love, love, love!

 Since summer is upon us, it's now that we start thinking about how to cool off in those dog-days of summer.  Other than air conditioning and fans how do you cool off in the summer?  You can often find me drinking iced sun-tea and soaking in a pool.  Summer is here!!!!  XOXOXO

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