Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Things Jewelry

Good day lovelies!  Hope your enjoying the beautiful weather that has been gracing your neck-of-the-woods.  Life has been awfully crazy this past week, that my love affair with all things DIY have been put on the back burner.  I've been spending my days mothering and gardening, which has been nothing but lovely and enjoyable.  Life is good.

Since the inside of my home seems to be my last priority, since the yard needs lots of TLC these days, I thought that I would spend my free time yesterday (Hazels nap time) to orgainze my jewelry area in my bedroom.  Yikes, it was looking pretty scary......

    I took everything off and divided into piles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ect....

 It went from piles to this........

I started by spray painting tree branches from my yard a metallic gold color.  Let dry and added them to a   vase of my choice.  From there I start hanging my earrings and necklaces!  

I used all things from around my house.  A tea cup to hold my rings, a box I had lying around to hold jewelry that I don't use frequently, a silver tin to hold hooped earrings,two glass bottles that I had saved to stack my bracelets, a small sushi sauce dish to hold post earrings and pendents.  Of course I added a picture of the wonderful lady that gave me an appreciation of all things beautiful and all things jewelry!  

I'm pretty in love with how it turned out!  It's more like a piece of art than a organized area of jewelry!  It's amazing how wonderful I feel now that it's all what should I organize today?  Hope you enjoyed!  XOXOXO

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  1. What a gorgeous spot! I've been working on prettying up our bathroom lately also; we emptied a basket we'd purchased earlier this year and had become filled with junk, and hubby absently placed it on the bathroom counter - voila! Inspiration! Love this space and might see about modifying it to work for a home with toddlers. ;)

    Found you on MBC's blogspot bloggers group and would love a follow back! Looking forward to more. :) You can find me at and thanks!