Monday, November 28, 2011

The Tale of a Farmhouse Table

As I said last week, I was about to reveal our biggest project since we have moved back to Colorado from Montana.  We were definitely big weekend DIY'ers while living in Montana, but since moving home we haven't had the time to get our hands dirty.  Since summer is long gone and the wedding is over, we now can focus on a few home projects....yippee!

It all happened on one faithful day while I was walking down the street to take Miss Hazel to the park, I ran into a FREE, looking for some much needed TLC, kitchen table!  I did a little happy dance and then my Aunt and I carried it back down the street to my house.  If you know my husband, he just smiled and said "that table is looking a little rough."

Yes, indeed it was looking a little rough, it was missing two legs, the top was a mess and it was very unsteady.  I guess what I liked most about the table was the rectangle shape and I've always loved the look of a farm house table.

After Jarod and I thought about the table for a while, we decided it was in too bad of shape to reconstruct.  Which leads us to the current project of making our very own farm house table.....get ready....out of a pallet.  Yes, a pallet that most people see waiting by dumpsters to be carried to the dump!  Their trash was definitely our treasure!!!!  What made this pallet different than most, is that it had really nice wide wood slates.

We bought four legs at Home Depot, for $10.00 each and a few pieces of lumber for the frame of the table and gray spray paint.  Here's progress through pictures....

After, several days of sanding, painting the the legs and header gray, staining the top, and several coats of polyurethane, the end result is beautiful!  Jarod, did such awesome job taking my vision and bringing it alive!  Plus, he did it all before Thanksgiving, so we were lucky enough to have our dinner on it!  Right now we are using our current chairs, but we hope to add some modern chairs and maybe a bench on one side, but that will come at a later time.  For now, we are enjoying our new, homemade table!  The total cost for the table $55.00.  Gotta love that!

Happy Monday!

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