Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simple Holiday Entertaining

A Few Ideas For that Christmas Open House

A beautiful girlfriend of mine, had asked for a few idea's for her upcoming neighborhood Christmas party.  After pondering it for awhile, I decided the best possible way was to implement some creative ideas that would be easy, inexpensive and would only take a few minutes to set up!  It can be stressful when thinking about everything that goes into, decor, drinks, a clean house....yikes!  Here is my list for a fool proof Christmas party with time left over to get dressed and enjoy a drink before the guest arrive!

1.  A Signature Drink: (Does not have to be alcoholic).  Guests especially like a signature drink during the holiday.  It makes it easy for them to choose what to drink, instead of having multiple choices. This can be self served in a punch bowl or a cool festive pitcher. 

2.  Festive Fabric:  Instead of spending money on a table cloth, why not head to the fabric store and pick a christmasy type fabric to throw on your table as a runner or to intertwine around the food.  Either way, fabric often cost much less then a table cloth and you will get more yardage for your buck.  Plus, you can use the fabric for something else later on!

3.  Pinecones:  I love pinecones, they bring the outdoors inside.  You can always purchase pinecones, but of course heading up for a hike and finding them along the way is a great way to spend a few hours.  Since pinecones are hardy, placing them in white or silver bowls is the perfect contrast.  You can even scatter them around your buffet table -- either way, I'm totally piney for pinecones!

4.  Ornaments:  Head to your local Target or bring out your last year ornaments and hang with some pretty ribbon over your kitchen or dining room windows.  Hang at different lengths from your curtain rod or push-pin to the top of the window header.  

5.  Fun Sign's with Christmas Sayings:  If you have some left over wood around, why not stencil on your favorite Christmas saying (HO, HO, HO, PEACE, JOY, MERRY CHRISTMAS).  Once your done you can hang or place them any where (prop up on your counter, on your buffet table, hang on the wall or over a door way).  Fun and Festive!

6.  Candle and snow:  Use Epson salt to create the look of snow in a jar or hurricane glass, add a white candle and you have instant warmth and a charming mood for any room. LOVE THESE!

7.  Finger Foods:  These are the best and easiest way to entertain.  No utensils necessary. If you decide to serve more than finger foods, make sure you put your utensils in a cute basket, a funky glass or whatever fits your fancy.  Here are a few idea for finger foods~

~Buchetta-recipe here 
~Brie Strawberry Ginger Crisps-recipe here
~Garlic Chicken Puffs-recipe here

I hope these fun and simple ideas make your holiday party an EASY success!  Remember entertaining should be fun!  Smile and enjoy the company of friends and family this holiday season! 


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