Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toys, Toys Everywhere

Good Morning!  Over the last few weeks I've felt like I have lived more in a toy store than in an actual home!  Yes, it's the invasion of Hazel's toys and although I have become accustom  to living in between Mr. Potato head, countless animals that sing and the usual blocks, I decided that a little organization was necessary and much needed. After eyeing several baskets at Target, Crete and Barrel and Pottery Barn I realized that they were not in my budget (all ranging from 39.99 on up, yikes). I decided that on my usual weekly thrift store rounds, that I would scout out the basket situation.  

I was in luck when I stumbled upon a good sized basket at Goodwill and the priced made me smile....$2.99!  YES, score!!!!  

The one thing about my $2.99 basket is that it didn't have the cute little chalkboard label like the other baskets that I had been admiring.  So I decided to make my own out of photo matting, chalkboard paint and some small gaged wire. 

It turned out perfect and the basket serves a great purpose!  Of course, with the holiday's coming, a good cleaning out of toys in both the living room and Hazel's room will be in order to make room for some new toys.  Below I have listed a few places that take gently used toys to be given away to less fortunate kiddos this holiday season!  I hope you will check it out!  

Hazel reading while enjoying her new toy basket!!!!

With the giving spirit in mind there are a few places that will take gently used toys for Christmas: 

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