Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feather Me 1970!

 Peach feathers, magenta and silver ornaments and white lights, oh my!  I can't explain my total excitement  and giddiness when my Grandma mentioned that she would be passing down the most whimsical feather Christmas tree to me!!!!  WOOT-WHOO!   This tree is a flash back to the 1970's and it's everything I love!  Needless to say, it needed a little TLC after a few decades of Christmas.   After a few hours of fluffing, poking, gluing and sewing it's "Stayin Alive."

I couldn't help myself!  Plus, "Stayin Alive" might put a little groove in your step this afternoon!  Back to the tree....

This is what is was looking like before.  It had a few bare spots that I wanted to take care of and some of the feathers were looking a little drab. Not only that, I thought the tree was in much need of a star!  Since the tree itself is whimsical, I thought that a colorful star (made out of fabric that I had lying around) would be the perfect topping!

Since, we already have a very traditional Christmas tree, this beautiful baby is the perfect accessory for Hazel's room.  What little girl doesn't want a feather tree in their room this Christmas!  Hazel is already in love (much like her Mama) she points at all of the lights and pretty ornaments and smiles!

Thanks Grandma/Gigi, your the best!


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