Friday, December 2, 2011


I think my attitude has changed about this very bold color....yellow! I'm loving the feeling and the look of yellow and gray together and have decided to implement these two colors into my home.   Since moving back to Colorado, where it's sunny most days, I have been inspired to bring the sunny feeling of yellow into my kitchen and dining room. I have a few project that I'm currently working on and I'm looking forward to sharing these!

The weekend is here and there is a major list of fun things to do and get done this weekend!

1. Parade of Lights with my two favorite people (Hazel, Jarod and my Brother Alex....he's my favorite too)
2.  Haircut....much need!!!!
3.  Continue to work on dining room wall stencil .
4.  Christmas decorating (I'm well into the process, but will continue on!)
5.  Spend some time with my Mom who is in town!
6.  Open house Christmas party!
7.  The Annul Ornament Exchange party (yayayaya)
8.  Spend some snow time out in the yard (Hazel will love)
9.  Bronco Game!!!!  (We love Tebow)
10.  Family time!

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend with friends and family!  Take some time to spend it with people you love.


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