Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Good Morning Everyone!  Hope that you enjoyed a beautiful weekend, however it was spent.  I thought that I would highlight a few of my favorite happenings this past weekend.  It turned out to be  snowy and cold in Colorado, but it felt a little like Christmas!  Remember my list of "To Do's" for this past weekend, I got most of those done, with some much need couch time with Hazel and Jarod on Sunday. 

1.  The Parade of Light was so fun.  Hazel loved all of the marching bands (like father like daughter) and was so excited to see Elmo in person!  It was a balmy 36 degrees and we sipped hot coco while soaking up the Christmasy atmosphere. 

2.  Hazel's Hunt continue on, as we ventured up to Evergreen to pick HER perfect Christmas tree.  Again, stay tuned for the conclusion of Hazel's Hunt.

    3.  Shelley's Annul ornaments exchange was the happening on Saturday night.  Everyone is required  to handmake their ornaments. There was great food, great drinks, great company and of course, great look'n ornaments.  Thanks ladies for a fun night!

   4.  Sunday was spent lounging on our new couch watching Tim Tebow again giving us a thrill in the 
   last few minutes of the game....for a win!!!  If you have grown up watching the Broncos, like myself,
   then you have seen the up's and down's of this team, but it's sure nice to watching the UP's right now!

   5.  Saturday and Sunday I got a little Christmas decorating done.  I still have more to do, but I'll take my time getting the rest of the stuff up.  I'll post some pictures later this week!

I would love to hear from you what you had going on this past weekend!  Bundle up it's cold outside.


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