Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grab your Book, Blanket and Snuggle Up

Today I want to focus on a topic that I believe is super important to myself and to Hazel.....reading.  I love to read, Hazel loves when I read to her and she loves to spend time looking at books!  We try to make it to the library once a week and always marvel at the beautiful sight of all of those books when we walk in.  A few weekends back I decided to create a little area for Hazel to enjoy books and have some alone time.  I had seen some cute pictures of little reading nooks in magazines, websites and books and decided that was the perfect idea for Haze. 

The whole project cost $0.00, since I used all things that I already had around the house.  The sheers are from West Elm and were used in Hazel's Cove (her closet she slept in at our one bedroom house) at our old house, the pictures I had on a different wall in her room, pillows were in her room before, the basket I brought in from a different part of the house, and the chandelier was a standing lamp that I revamped. Gotta love those project that don't cost a thing!

A little area with her favorite pillows, a basket full of books and some whimsical pictures is the perfect, super cute and relaxing place for my little Hazel-nut!  If I can't find Hazel in our 850 square foot house, then I know right where she is..... snuggled up with her sippy cup, her blankie and a good book!

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