Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Common Cardboard

Brrrrr, it's a chilly morning here in Colorado!  Hope that everyone, no matter where you are, is staying warm.  Today, I'm sharing a project that I completed some time ago, but thought it's kinda a fun and easy project to-do, especially with those kiddos!

Here is what you will need-
~Toilet paper rolls and or paper towel rolls
~Glue Gun
~Spray Paint (color of your choice)

Collect your left over toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  I used about 20 rolls total for this project.  You can use more or less....it's all up to you! 

Cut your rolls in to 1/2 to 1 inch pieces.

Using your glue gun, start creating your design. Continuing to work from the middle to the out side.

I really didn't have a specific design that I was going for, I just continued to glue my pieces together until I made a design that I really liked.

After I finished gluing the cardboard pieces together, I lightly spray painted the the finished pieces.  

I then hung them in Hazel's room.  What I love about his project it was easy and I accomplished the whole thing while Hazel was sleeping.....gotta love projects that are light on time!  They look super cute!

Happy Tuesday!

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