Monday, January 16, 2012

Loving All Things Old

Hello All!  Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day!  I hope that everyone's weekend was spectacular.  We spent ours in Leadville, Colorado....our home town, high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  My very ambitious husband is running the Leadville Trail 100 Running Race, found here, this upcoming August, so he used his visit home to get a few hours (4 to be exact) of training in!  Any Who..... in past posts, here, I have talked about my love of thrifting in Leadville and my absolute obsession with finding a good steal.  This weekend didn't disappoint!

Drum Roll........

These 2 wire baskets= $1.00 each.  I love these and can't wait to find a home for them!

This very old chest of drawers=$10.00.  If you look past the green and cream paint, you will see this beautiful piece of furniture looking for some much needed TLC!  (Don't mind my shadow....that's me....rarely seen on this blog!) 

I love the details of this piece.  The in-lay on the sides, the unique corners, and the key locks on the drawers.  I'm hoping this baby will find a bright color of paint, some pretty new hardware and settle home in Hazel's room when we move her into her big girl bed---which will happen in the next couple of months.  

Despite the disappointing and sad loss of the Broncos (who we still love unconditionally) we had an awesomely wonderful weekend playing in the snow, eating fabulous food and enjoying good company.  

Did anyone spend the weekend doing something they love?    Until tomorrow.....


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