Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Organizing My Life

Happy New Year to my organizational skills....time to blow off the dust and cobwebs from that part of by brain!  I spent much of the last part of the year, 2011, hiding stacks of mail and little knick-nacks that didn't have a home in any open drawer or cabinet, especially when loads of holiday guest descended upon my house.....does anyone know what I'm talking about!  That's definitely my little secret...now known by all.....yikes!  

So now that I feel super venerable, I have made a choice to organize my life.  Let just say, my hubby is doing a little happy dance while reading this....he's much more organized than myself!  This venture is  starting with a family calendar and my DIY goals sheet (something new I'm trying for each month).  I'll be setting a few goals that I believe I can get done for that particular month.  As a Mama, it's often hard to find time to do things that you enjoy, but with this sheet, I hope that it will give me the opportunity to focus on what's important to me!  The family calendar has been one things that has help my family stay organized for the last few years!  I write all appointments, birthdays, important dates, trips and meeting on this dry erase calendar...it really helps with the communication between my husband and I......

Maggie's Imagination:

Jarod on the phone with Sears and I'm not home........

Jarod: Yes, I think January 7th will work.  Huh, let me see what my wife has on the calendar.  Yep, that dates open.....we'll pencil you in.

That's how I believe most calendar scenarios work out....hahaha!  It works well for our family now, but who knows what it will be like when Hazel becomes more involved in things.  For now, I have posted my goal sheet next to my calendar on the refrigerator.  Check out this website to download this very goals sheet!  Now you can be just as organized!  

I'll give you an update on my goals sheet at the end of the month....we shall see how many goals I've marked off!  Happy Organization!


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