Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Horsing Around

Not long ago, on one of my many trips to the thrift store, I fell totally in love with a horse that looked a little sad and dingy.  Of course being the person I am, I felt the need to rescue the guy, give him a new home and a total makeover.  I got this guy for a total of $2.00....yiippeee!  That's always the fun part about finding deals like him, they may not look perfect, but it's about making it your own and putting your own twist on things!  

With a little metallic spray paint that I had lying around, I gave him a few coats of paint and he's now bright, shinny and looking oh-so-good!

Have you found any good deals at your favorite store or thrift store?  Hope ya'll are enjoying your week!


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