Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's Hanging.......

in my hallway!  As most people know, and if you don't, my family is super-duper important to me!  So, the best way for me to highlight my loved ones is hanging some beautiful pictures of them.  I also love to surround myself with meaningful things... *letters, encouraging words, hobbies, or items pick up along the way*. All of these things are incorporated into my hallway and are ever changing!

Anytime I come across something fun or cute-then I rip, pull or buy that item to put on the wall.  Nothing stays the same!  Magazines are my best friend for costless ways of making something beautiful!

This note was written to Jarod and I on one of our wedding cards from Jarod's Dad and Step Mom meaningful. The skeleton key was from our 1st house in Missoula...ahhhhh!

The Mi Amor card was purchased on our honeymoon in Taos, New Mexico!  There's my brother and I in Spain.....good times!

I thought that once a week I'd start giving you the ultimate tour of our 850 square foot home....yes, I live in a mansion (wink*wink*).  It's an adorable little cottage, on horse land (although we don't have horses) in the middle of the city of Denver.  It's the place I call home.  Till tomorrow!


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  1. we have a wall like this too..capyures all the special moments in our lives..I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!