Friday, January 20, 2012

Sing Me the Blues

Happy Friday!  I'm sure that most of you are happy that the weekend is here...I know that I am!  A few weeks ago, I gave a little preview of how my dining room chairs were in transformation here.  After a little procrastination on my behalf, I have finally finished them. HORRAY!!!!

I started with these dull cream chairs.  In my mind they needed a little pizzazz!  Instead of hand painting every chair, I decided that using spray paint would be the best, easiest and most time efficient way of painting the chairs.  If you are not familiar with Valspar's spray paint.....ya gotta use it sometime, it's wonderful!

It took me a few days to finish, because of cold, snowy weather and I ran out of spray paint and had to make an another trip to Lowes.  In the end they turned out fabulous!  My constant challenge with home decor is embracing color!  I'm a strictly a white-lovn' girl, but have slowly started to come out of my color coma!  

My new blue friends are the perfect accessory to my husband's beautiful table, that he built a few months back, found here.  Just a heads up, the yellow pillows are a project I'm currently working on and will reveal those next week!  We now can sit in comfort, while enjoy a few drinks, dinner and maybe a game this upcoming weekend!  Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday morning!  XO



  1. What a beautiful table and chairs. I love the rustic sort of look. Especially with the wood stove in the background. Very cozy and inviting.


    1. Thanks Rosann! We love the look too! My husband did an awesome job with the table! Thanks for reading!

  2. Spray paint?! wow..they look wonderful!!