Monday, January 30, 2012

Vegas Hit & Miss

Hey All!  Sorry for the short delay of my post today, but after a quick trip to Las Vegas over the weekend, I was in need of some major sleep.  Now, that I'm rested and ready to charge the day, I thought that I would hop to it and get my post done for the day.  

Last week, with anticipation of going to Vegas, I worked on a project that turned out great, but ended with a not-so-big-bang. It started off with these babies*super cute, patten leather black pumps.*  I had gotten the idea from a  blog that I read frequently, here.  Since I had planned on wearing a black dress, and was going to Vegas----the city of glitz and glamor----I need my shoes to pop!


With a quick trip to the craft store I pick up the supplies that I needed, and started the ultimate shoe transformation!

I first spray painted them a metallic gold, just to make sure that you wouldn't see the black shoe under the glitter.  I actually love the shoes in just the metallic gold!

Using the Mod-Podge glue I brushed on a small layer, working section by section, and sprinkling on the glitter.  I used a shoe box lid to work with the glitter so in the end you don't have a total mess. 

After applying of the glitter, I finished with a spray sealer, to lock in the glitter!  

I was so excited to wear my shoes when I got to Vegas!  When I put them on, I had noticed that they seemed a little stiff.  But being the total girl that I am, I stuffed my foot right into them.........
And then I noticed.......cracking!  My heart sank into my stomach!  Through the rest of the evening they started to crack even more and peel.   See how cute my girl friend Jessica's shoes look-----LOVE!

By the end of the night---boy was it a long night of fun--my VEGAS shoes were glittery toast!  Despite the end result, the shoes were still fabulous and in the end no one was looking at my shoes---their eyes were glued to the beautiful bride!  

Here are few of my favorite pics from the weekend!

In the end the wedding was beautiful and the time with friends was fabulous!  See you tomorrow!  XO



  1. Great job!!! They're so pretty.

    Thanks for joining Flock Together this week. I am now your happy follower and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Mikki,
      Thanks for reading! I've been enjoying your blog as well! Have a wonderful day!