Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eat to Enjoy the Small Things in Life

As a mom, I think some of my favorite times to spend with Hazel is when she is sitting at her spot excited and readily anticipating eating a yummy meal.  As a youngster I recall my mother had always had dinner hot-an-ready to eat by 6pm.  It was fun to sit down as a family and enjoy some family time, laughs and good conversation.  Now that Hazel is old enough to eat everything that my husband and I do, it's our number one priority to sit down together most-every night for a family dinner.  We laugh, we talk, we quiz Hazel and before we know it another night together has passed.  I treasure those small moments as a family, they are so precious, priceless and beautiful.

I'll be back tomorrow with the reveal of my reupholstered ottoman.  It's turned out beautiful and I'm totally in love!  Until then....


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