Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beast to Beauty

Today is the day that I reveal the little beauty that I've been working on....yes, the ottoman that was begging for some much needed TLC. I was a little intimidated to step out and do my own reupholster, I guess the only thing I could loose would be some fabric.  So, I stepped into the land of fabric, staples and upholstery nails and dove into the ottoman.  I'm sure that glad that I decided to try it out, it was worth the end result.  Let me reiterate, I HAVE NEVER-EVER REUPHOLSTERED A SINGLE THING!!!  It's amazing that these days you can watch a step-by-step video of how-to-reupholster anything on youtube, 2012 technology should never limit us from anything!  I won't bore you with all the step-by-step details of the reupholster, it took me 3 days of work (while Hazel took a nap) and a total budget of $10, can't complain about that!

Yes, this is the lovely ottoman before.  Very dirty and screaming potential.....can't you hear it!

The 1st step was to de-skirt that ottoman, it already looks better!!!

It took me roughly an hour to put the new fabric on the ottoman and about 1/2 hour to put on the decorative nails.  I love how it turned out.  I'm still not sold on the legs of ottoman and will probably jazz-the-legs up sooner than later.  

I believe that my ottoman is finally feel'n the love and has been brought up-to-date!  I would love to hear about any reupholstery projects you have tackled.  Hope you'll are enjoying the sight of the new ottoman as much as I am.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  XO



  1. Maggie, I love that fabric! I just recovered a lampshade with it, but it looks so much cuter on your ottoman.

    Loving all the projects you've been doing!

    1. Mia-Brit,
      Thanks for coming by and reading my blog! I find your blog so inspiring! I would love to see you lamp shade and how it turned out. Keep in touch! xo