Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stripe Sadness

A few weeks ago I professed my undying love for stripes.  I love the fact that stripes are bold and make a statement, they can be any size-thick or thin- and people always love them!  I attempted to bring the thick stripe into my living room, by painting stripes onto an existing lamp shade that I had on a lamp in the room.   Well....I'm not all that impressed by how it turned out....bummer :(

I think my problem with the stripes is it needs to have an odd number of blue stripes---normally even numbers is a good thing---but in design things look better is sets of threes...odd huh.  So, now I'm pondering what to do next and I've been pondering for the last week....still not sure what I'll be doing.  

I guess in the world of DIY, not all things turn out spectacular!  But it's worth a try.  I'll be letting ya'll know the saga of lampshade in the next few weeks.  On a happier note, I'm in the process of painting the bathroom, yay!  Can't wait to show you the fairytale ending to my Tale of an Ugly Bathroom (check out the pictures).  Until tomorrow!


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