Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who's Up for Some Coloring?

Hope ya'll had a fantastic Valentine's Day!  My day was filled with some nice quality time with the hubby and the kiddo.  Now that Valentine's Day has passed I'm sure the stores have changed over night; they are now focusing their energy on the next holiday....St. Patricks Day, Easter?  It's amazing how long my local grocery store has had Easter candy out....yikes....I think for now I'm going to take a deep breath and relax until a few weeks before Easter!

With Easter comes spring and with that comes the wonderful signs of life and color!  Hazel is now completely obsessed with coloring scribbling and going around saying "color, color, color."  A few weeks ago I decided to take a bench, that was serving no purpose, and turn it into Hazel's coloring table.

For now, the bench is at the perfect the height and never this neat and clean..hahaha!

It's nice to have everything out and at her disposal, so when/if she feels like coloring, then she can go ahead and  dig in and color to her little hearts content!  Awww, I think coloring is so fun----what color do you want---Purple mountains' majesty or cadet blue---it's a fun world of coloring at our house!  XO


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