Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Little Piggies

Theres nothing I enjoy more than soaking my feet in a warm tub of warm water, having those hush-puppies rubbed and painted oh-so-pretty.  Most of you ladies know that a pedicure is one of those past-times that you gather with your girlfriends, catch up on gossip and maybe even indulge in a good US WEEKLY.  So a few weeks ago, before our departure to Florida, I decided to introduce Hazel to the joys of much as 1 1/2 year old can relax!   Toddler at home pedicure anyone?

Watching some Elmo to relax!

Neon orange on those cute little piggies are awfully cute.  I hope you get to relax this weekend too!  See you bright and early Monday.  XO



  1. There is no doubt the feeling I get after a mani/ pedi.. and your little ones are done to perfection. Bet she enjoyed it !

  2. We did the same thing with my eldest daughter. Everytime I get a mani/pedi at home, she's the first in line. One time I did my nails late in the evening and she just had to have her nails painted too. Hubby was wide-eyed when morning came. He saw her little toenails painted RED!