Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Few Added Things

Good Afternoon!  Sorry for the delay of my post today. I had a few Mommy duties and appointments that steered me from my normal routine.  It's amazing how crazy the day can seem, especially when there's a bump in the road.  For the last few days I've been itching with the Spring bug, partially due to the fact that it's been 75 degrees, sunny and the birds are chirping.  How glorious!  Along with spring brings the beautiful colors of pinks, greens, yellows and purples...aawwwh.....which has me wanting to add some color to my home.

Today I thought that I would share something simple. The other day I added a few frames with some images that make me smile!  I enjoy this area a few times a day with a cup of tea and and a magazine in hand, it's also the perfect area to sit back and watch Hazel color. Plus, it's a peek into an area that rarely get much photo time on my blog!  

Top: Goodwill find.  Bottom: Vintage postcard of the Missoula Train station (now the Northside Kettlehouse)
Hope ya'll are enjoy your day!  See you tomorrow!  XO


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