Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Any one out there like facial hair? Or mustaches? Haha, I know it's a weird question to ask so early in the morning...or for that matter anytime of day.  I'm not totally in love with the idea of hair on my face or even my hubby's, but how about pink or yellow staches? That brings me onto this topic, a challenge that I under took this past weekend.  Young House Love, a blog that I read quite frequently, challenged themselves along with their readers to a Pinterest Challenge.  Who doesn't love a challenge of crafts, creativity and thinking outside the box?!  Basically the challenge was to take one of your favorite pins and recreate it with your own twist.

A few weeks ago while I was pinning (go figure), I fell in love with these totally cute mustache mugs.  I kept thinking to myself how flip'n cute they would look on my soon-to-be open selves in my kitchen.  


Here it goes.........drum roll.........

I ran to Michaels to grab some multi--surface paint, the nice thing about this paint is it's dishwasher safe and can adhere to most surfaces.  I had found these coffee cups at goodwill for $.48 each. I pondered getting a larger type mug, but my everyday mugs are super-big and I though it would be nice to have a different sized coffee cup.

I then drew out mustaches on paper and cut-them-out, taped them on to the mug and traced lightly, with a pencil.  The reason for this, bottom-line I'm not a very good free-hand painter, so the outline was for me more than anything else!

You can slightly see the outline of the mustache.  This gave me a easy way to paint inside the lines.

I painted all four of the coffee cup with different staches.  So when you come to my house for coffee or tea, you can expect to look a little different every time!  Yellow or pink (kinda springy), short or long, some curl or curl....it's up to you!  Hope you enjoyed this not-so-scary hairy challenge.  Have a fabu-stache day!



  1. Cute! These turned out great.

    My pinterest challenge involved painting onto a mug also! I couldn't find a paint that specified dishwasher safe, but now I know where to go.


  2. Their so dainty! Which is ironic because only men wear mustaches. Haha, love them.


  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! Gotta love a Pinterest Challenge!

  4. How cute are these cups??? LOVE!!!

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple