Friday, March 30, 2012

Garden Organization

Happy Friday Morning!  Today I want to start off with a fews things that keeps me organized and knowledgeable about anything gardening.  Again, I'm absolutely not a professional or a great gardener....but I love to learn and try new things out (whether or not they turn out or fail!)  So, the few items that I find to be useful and resourceful are:

1.  Any Book that gives you the description of the plant, how to grow, guidelines, problems and harvesting information is super-duper useful!  I think the internet is a great reference as well, but it nice to have a hands on guide handy when your knee deep in the dirt!  

2.  Magazines are perfect to grab ideas!  Sunset magaizne actually sends you a magazine tailored for the area in which you live.  Since I find myself in the western half of the US, the magazine only talks about what can be grown in the west, it's also a great magazine for new restaurants, day trips and recipes.  Other gardening magazines are great reference tools!

3.  Accordion style organizer. I find this orgainzer so easy to store seeds, planting instructions, lists of what I planted last year, article cut-outs or anything little that I would lose otherwise if I had not put into my organizer!  

I thought that I would end the week on a beautiful note....some eye candy in the garden world!  

Any garden plans this weekend?  I hope that it's a beautiful weekend for ya'll!  Enjoy!  XO


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