Friday, March 16, 2012

Put A Wreath On It

Since the weather has been so beautiful and warm, it feels much like late spring and the beginning of summer.  Which gets me going on the work that must be done on the outside of our house.  Believe me it's not so pretty on the outside and the list keeps getting longer by the day!  Since my husbands business busy season is spring and summer, we have been trying super hard to get a few things done before the season of chaotic-ness starts.  Nothing makes the outside of a home more cute and homey than a fun wreath.  So my mission the other day, whether I chose to except it-was to start and finish a wreath!

I started with some white left-over fabric. I cut the fabric into strips about 2" thick and 10-12" long and then tied a knot around my wreath form (in a double knot).  Continue to tie the fabric around the form until the entire form has fabric around it.

I added a few fun bows with some left over fabric that I had lying around!  Turned out kinda cute!  

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Friday and a eventful weekend!  See you Monday morning!  XO


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