Monday, March 19, 2012

Up Goes the Curtains

Coffee, coffee, coffee, is much needed this morning!  Hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend--celebrating St. Patricks Day or just enjoying some time with the people you love.  The Roberts clan had a pretty busy weekend with some weed pulling, birthday party, a few house projects, garden planning and some training.  I'm looking forward to showing the garden planning later this week, although I've had vegetable gardens in the past, this year my Dad and I are planning on a separate herb garden and a huge veggie plantation...ok, not that big!

The one room in my house that I'm pretty happy with is the dining room.  Really the only thing left on my list was lighting and window treatments.  This weekend Jarod and I tackled curtain hanging----HORRAY!  Before I get too excited about it, I have to explain that I will be making these plain-ol'-curtains into something a little more fun at a later date.  For now they make the dining room a little cozy and warmer.

I purchased the curtains and curtain rods from Ikea, which were both at pretty good prices. Definitely within my price range. The curtain rods were a nice gray color, which fit in perfectly with our wall color and the curtains are plain-Jane, which are what I wanted so that I can add my own twist.

I love what the curtains added to the space.  Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect lighting fixture or fixtures for above the dining table.  I love when spaces progress, it makes my heart pitter-patter with excitement.  Have a wonderful Monday!


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  1. Maggie, love your table it's so cool! And curtains make a huge difference.

    I've having a giveaway, thought you might want to enter! Drop by and check it out! :)