Friday, March 2, 2012

Ready to Carry

Well, yesterday proved to be a day of laundry, packing, cleaning and organization!  It's amazing how much effort and preparation is put forth to get ready....I'm that person that must leave my house absolutely spot-less before I leave on an extended trip.  Life is sooooo much easier if you come home to a clean house, fresh sheets and no laundry....RIGHT?  

My hubby challenged me to pack everything for the entire family in carry-on's!  YES, you read that right, carry-on's!!!!   This is in major preparation for our trip to Europe next year.  Well, I did it and I have to admit, it feels pretty good.  Hazel, Jarod and I are ready to go!  My advice is to lay everything out on the bed and get rid of half of what you initially pulled out of your closet.  This is a hard concept for me.....I love having options on a trip!  Thank goodness, we are going somewhere warm this means less clothing.  So here it is, 3 carry-on's and 3 travelers!

Here we go!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend!  XO

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