Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Long Time No See

 Well, the Roberts clan is back from Florida!  Since Hazel has not been introduced to her Great-Grandparents so we flew across the country to visit them in West Palm Beach.  Not only did we get to spend some much needed time with family, we soaked in the sun, played in sand, checked out the WPB Zoo and took in a spring training baseball game.  We had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of our trip!  Here are some of highlights and favorite things we did.

Hazel loved all of the airplanes and would shout....."airplane, airplane!"  She did really well flying and switching planes.  She's a natural born traveler.  

She woke up in Florida.....looks a little different then home!

Breakfast with Grandpa Hal and Grandma Jo-Jo and Great-Grandparents Bert and Ruth!

Hazel's 1st time at the beach and in the ocean!!!  She wouldn't get out of the water, she loved it sooooo much.

Take me out to the ball game---World Champs St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlines.  This girl has baseball blood running through her veins.  She literally watched the game, while eating a dog and cherry crushed ice....yum!

We had an awesome time, but it sure felt good to sleep in our own beds last night!  I'll be back tomorrow with some DIY stuff.  Enjoy your day!  XO


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  1. It looks like you had a great time! What wonderful memories you are building with your daughter :)