Thursday, March 8, 2012


Who doesn't like a new magazine?  I actually feel my heart flutter when opening up the fresh pages of a new magazine.  I'm a very visual person, so the pictures of beautiful color and spaces are what drive my inspiration on a daily basis.  Since becoming a Mama almost two years ago, it's very hard from me to find the time to read a full book, so a magazine actually fits my foot much better than a book (right now, anyway).  Reading is reading whether you read the latest and greatest book or delve into your favorite magazines.  I thought that I would show you what magazines I read on a daily basis and what happens to them when I'm so inspired.  

I do not have subscriptions to all of these, but I do get Country Living, Sunset and House Beautiful monthly.  These are definitely the three magazines that I draw most of my inspiration from.  

Yes, I'm the type of person who is major hoarder saver or all magazines that I get.  I will keep them for years, but I love to go back an look through to gain new inspiration.  One thing that didn't inspire me before, might now. 

If I fall completely in love with a certain item in that magazine, I rip-clip-stick'it in my notebook.

My notebook is full of cut-outs of magazines, garden ideas, paint chips, store business cards, newspaper articles and the list goes on.  Anything that gets me excited, fascinated or that I love, I keep it!  Why not?  A least my inspiration is condensed into one little notebook.....that's what I tell my hubby.  Hope you have a wonderful Thursday.  See you tomorrow!  XO


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  1. That is a wonderful idea! I'm the same way with magazines, although mine are of the knitting, sewing, and crochet variety.