Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a Jungle out there......

While at the zoo this past weekend, I was in complete awe of the absolute perfection of the animals and their beautiful, complex print of their coats. I have often thought that it's hard to implement animal print into your home, but on a recent episode of Nate Burkus, I became a little more comfortable with the thought!  Check out what Nate and Genevieve Gorder (who I love) have to say about animal prints.

A few weeks ago, my Grandma had given me 2 yards of left over animal print fabric, which I decided to use for a throw pillow for the bench at the entrance of our home. It turned out really beautifully, but I still wasn't happy with the total look of the pillow. I decided to add a little left over burlap, from my wedding, to the middle section of the pillow and tied it together with a little twine.  I think it is the perfect combination of a modern pillow with a touch of rustic. I believe the balance is perfect.  I then paired the new animal print pillow, with a striped pillow and  a romantic rose burlap pillow.  The combo works for me now, but as time goes on, I'm sure I'll swap pillows in and out depending on my mood.  Thats the wonderful thing about throw pillows, their an inexpensive way to make a change in your home!

There are so many beautiful things you can find in animal prints and I thought that I would share a few of my favorites.  Hope your friday is a roaring good day!  Enjoy!

My two favorite animals (wink, wink) and the beautiful giraffe and it's unique, love! 

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