Monday, November 21, 2011

Turquoise Galore

I'm sure that you've sensed my love of turquoise from my past posts, but today I shout it from the roof tops "I LOVE TURQUOISE!!!"  I think my love and fixation for turquoise came from my trips to visit my Grandfather in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It very easy to find many women dousing themselves in turquoise in the Southwest and I would be one of those! For my wedding, a beautiful girlfriend of mine, made me my wedding necklace out of turquoise stones. Although I love to wear turquoise, I find myself attracted to the color and implementing it into my design and home.  When Jarod and I took our honeymoon in Taos, New Mexico I found inspiration in all things turquoise.  Our hotel had turquoise hanging from the lights, cattle skulls doused in turquoise and turquoise lining the mirrors of the spa!  I was in heaven!

So, why is this relevant?  I hope you ask yourself what is inspiring and beautiful to you, so you can add that love and inspiration to your life.  Life is too short not to have beautiful things around you!  I'm looking forward to hearing what your love'n! Happy Monday!

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