Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Animal Crazy

TIIIGERR aka Tiger, has been Hazel's new word for the last week.  Thanks to Bob Dylan's "Man Gave Names to All the Animal's" children's book, Hazel has been walking around the house saying...."tiger, tiger, tiger...." I have to admit it is totally cute and I ask her constantly to say tiger (Yes, I'm a proud Mama!).

When Jarod and I were in Taos over our honeymoon, I fell head-over-heels in love with these totally adorable cardboard animals, here.  Not only are they pretty inexpensive, they come in different colors as well (Love, love the white).

I have been truly eyeing and wanting some type of animal head in my house.....sounds very hunting lodge like!  Check out some of these chic animal heads.....all I have to say.....YES, PLEASE!!!

Well, it's off to finish my girlfriends centerpieces for her wedding this weekend!  I'll be back with some pictures.  Happy Wednesday---half way there and 5 days until 2012...huh wonder what the New Year has in store!  XO


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