Monday, April 23, 2012

A Night Out-YSL

This last Friday I was lucky enough to spend the evening with 12 women while enjoying the beauty of Yves Saint Laurent's clothing and engulfing myself with the history of this creative iconic designer.  If you aren't familiar with Mr. Laurent his vision really changed how women was a movement in the right direction....what women doesn't like to were pants?  He was the 1st designer to put a women in pants, send the 1st black model down the runway and designed the pea coat.  The Denver Art Museum is hosting this exclusive exhibition until July 8, 2012,check it out here, it really is a wonderful exhibit to check out with your best girl friends.

Trying to Pay for Parking!!!

Designing our own designer here!

My very official sticker 

After spending some time ooh-ing  and awh-ing for an hour, we were off to dinner and drinks and some much needed girl-chat time!  It was an evening well spent!

In the words of the french (because it only seems approtriate) Ont one merveilleuse journée 


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