Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Un-cork it & Decorate

Not only do I have a facination with trying and tasting different wine, I'm constantly fascinated with the array of bottles that all drinks come in (not just wine)!  I have in the past few years collected different bottles that spark that little excitment in me....always saving for a later date.  So, my dining table is no exception to some beautiful green bottles this week, with a few little white Pom pom flowers, a burlap table runner (from my wedding), a hurricane glass with some springy foliage and some white candle holders, my table is feeling mighty spring-ish all for no cost!

Gotta use what you have laying around the house!  Yesterday I spent most of the day pulling weeds (lucky me) later this week I'll be writing about those pesky buggers!  Until then, have a glorious day!  XO


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